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Registering a private company or as private entrepreneur at SRC Bistra Ptuj free of charge

At SRC Bistra Ptuj individuals can register as private entrepreneur . All they need for the registering procedure is a personal identity document and tax identification number. When registering a private limited company, one can come to us and we will prepare the necessary documents for the bank. With the exception of opening a bank account, the entire procedure can be done with us. In addition, we provide a number of other administrative services connected with starting up business operation, which are also free of charge.

VEM point – arrange everything at one-stop shop

vem logoSRC Bistra Ptuj, Slovenski trg 6, 2250 Ptuj, Slovenia.

The VEM point at SRC Bistra Ptuj is part of a network that was set up across Slovenia by the Public Agency for Entrepreneurship and Foreign Investments – JAPTI. At present, JAPTI has merged with the agency SPIRIT SLOVENIA, which operates an internet platform with all the relevant information for potential entrepreneurs and enterprises. Some of this information – most of them are answers to questions frequently asked by users of VEM services at SRC Bistra Ptuj – is presented here. One of our most used services at VEM point is the registration of a company, which is free of charge.